With Christmas on it's way and the impending arrival of that fresh, pine Christmas tree, get ahead of the decorating game and make yourself some coloured baubles. We've chosen blue tones, but you can switch out the colours and style them to your own colour scheme.


How To Make It:

The coloured bauble

1.  Open up the plastic baubles. On one side of the baubles blob your three coloured paints (there's no right or wrong way of doing this).

2.  Now, close the two plastic cases together and shake well until all the colours have merged together to create a galaxy/marble effect.

3.  Cut a piece of twine 15cm long and tie through the hoop of the plastic bauble.

The glitter bauble

1.  Repeat the same method as the above.

2.  Separate the two shells. On one of the shells, spray the outer side with photo-mount (a spray glue).

3. Once you have covered with glue, quickly cover with Sizzix glitter. Finish by dusting off any glitter that hasn’t stuck.

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