There are a number of ways to add textures to your soft crafting makes. Plus, by adding these different types of textures to your home, you can work towards creating a more mindful space.


Add yarn to your home décor in the way of cushions, blankets and more. There are so many more options for yarn products these days you’ll always be able to find varying ones. They’re made from different fibres and available in different thicknesses and weights.

Don’t forget you can make pom poms out of yarn too and these look great incorporated into some trendy hanging décor or even as additions to your cushions and blankets.

What better than settling into something made from this cosy material? It’s perfect for creating a warm and homely feel helping your mood to become calmer and more relaxed.


Roving can be incorporated into woven projects such as wall hangings and cushions to add a deeper dimension. Roving is often a thicker and fluffier spun fabric as it’s mostly combed, meaning it can be used as an addition to traditional yarn to create a secondary texture.


You can wrap twines or jute around storage baskets or foot stalls to add a more natural aspect to your home. These are often available in a number of colours, but if you’re looking to create a serene space, more muted colours are recommended.

Macrame Cords & Twine

Macrame has recently made a comeback and is slowly making its way into homes all over the world!

Again, macramé cords and twines vary in thickness and colour, but more often many macramé projects feature more neutral and natural colours. It’s great for using in wall and plant hangings. Adding foliage to rooms is hot right now so macramé hanging planters are definitely worth taking a look at!