If you’ve got loads of ideas for gifts but don’t know how to display them a Christmas Gift Hamper or Box could be well worth considering. Make your hamper even more personalised by crafting your own gifts – here’s some inspiration we thought would be worth a share!

First things first, you need your hamper basket or wooden crate. You can either personalise this by decorating a wooden crate or if you’re looking for something a little quicker you can pick up a wicker basket to pop everything in.


Next it's time to fill up your hamper! Here's some ideas on how...

Chocolate Brownie Mix Jar

Simple, but always sure to be a winner! Just weigh out the dry brownie ingredients and fill up a clip mason jar. You can add a ribbon with some dried foliage and consider making a tag for your jar which offers some simple instructions on how to make the brownie.

BBC Good Food

Scrabble Tile Frame

These box frames are great for offering an extra personalised touch as you make up words that are relevant to the person receiving your gift. With some pretty papers and some cutesy wooden tiles this gift could be one of your best yet.


Marbled Coasters

These marbled coasters are a beautiful touch to any home and they’re super easy to make – it’s a great way to upcycle a boring old tile and bring it back to life. They are made with nail varnish and water – not forgetting to cover your sides and use some disposable gloves. Each one will result in a different pattern but that’s the beauty of them!

Mum In The Mad House

DIY Candle Jar

Upcycle a plain mason jar by using PVA glue and some dried flower petals (or even tissue paper cut into petal shapes). Make sure you add these to the outside of the jar, so you can burn many a candle inside the jar.


Clay Hanging Decoration

These are perfect for getting across a personalised message to your loved one. You cut a simple shape out of some clay, adding a small hole to thread your twine through and an imprint of your message, then leave it to dry and finish with a lick of paint.


Christmas Fudge

Have a go at making your own Christmassy-themed fudge and add that final finishing touch with some personalised wrapping. You could make up a box using a die and some stamps to add a message or even a simple cellophane bag, ribbon and a tag.

Jamie Oliver

Hat & Scarf

There’s nothing like keeping cosy in the winter, so if you feel like a knitting project this hat and scarf set could be a great addition to a hamper.

Zoe Creates

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