1. Guest Blogger: The Lovely Drawer - DIY Woven Earring Hanger

    Hi I'm Teri, a home-based blogger here at The Lovely Drawer! I'm super excited to share my DIY Woven Earring Hanger make which I've made especially for Creative Rox! Continue reading →

  2. Guest Blogger: Flo & Dot - Cactus Pin Cushion

    Hello again! It’s Sarah-Jane from Flo & Dot, I was really excited when I was asked to be a guest on the Creative Rox blog! This is my second post sharing a fun crochet project with you. Continue reading →

  3. What Is Weaving?

    What Is WeavingClothing, wall hangings, rugs – they’re all things that are made using weaving techniques. In fact, the weaving of materials is a lot more common than you’d think. But, what is weaving?

    This blog post explains more on what weaving is and introduces you to some of the basics of the technique, whilst showing you how you can begin your first weaving project. Continue reading →

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