1. Organisational Makes: DIY Pin Cushion Pot

    Organisational Makes: DIY Pin Cushion Pot

    If you're looking for some cute ideas to tidy up and organise your craft room this DIY pin cushion pot is a great place to start! It's perfect for storing away pins and needles, keeping them all in one place ready for your next sewing project! Continue reading →

  2. Craft Room Spring Clean Challenge!

    Craft Room Spring Clean Challenge!

    Jars, boxes, pots, baskets - they’re all perfect for storing your craft supplies. With Spring on the horizon there couldn’t be a better time to schedule in a craft room spring clean. Continue reading →

  3. After Christmas Storage Solutions

    After Christmas Storage Solutions

    With Christmas nearing, you may be starting to think about how you can stash away your left-over wrapping paper and cards and any presents once they've been opened.

    We’ve got some great ideas for storage, and the best thing is that they can be personalised to your taste. Continue reading →

  4. Yarn Makes

    Yarn Makes

    With metres upon metres on a ball there are endless uses for yarn… Crochet, Knitting, Pom Poms and so on.

    Here we share some ideas for some makes, some designed for the more professional of knitter and others a little simpler. Continue reading →

  5. Our Favourite Macrame Makes

    Our Favourite Macrame Makes

     A couple of weeks ago we did a short beginners blog post on what macramé is. For those of you that don’t know, it is the art of decoratively tying knots. If you haven’t read this post we recommend you do as it also offers some tips on getting started.

    As a follow on, we’ll be sharing our favourite macramé makes to give you some inspiration for your next crafty project, starting off with some simpler ones and then some more elaborate makes for the professional crafters out there. Continue reading →

  6. How To Make a Desk Tidy!

    How To Make a Desk Tidy!

    Seriously need to tidy your desk? Well, here’s a super easy way to store all your stationery in true style!

    Continue reading →

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