1. Makers Nation: How To Make Your Own LOVE Wall Hanging













    For those of you that don't already know, March marks the arrival of Craft Month. This month we will be sharing some easy, inspirational makes in line with our #MakersNation campaign. This post shares an easy to follow video that demonstrates how to make your very own 'LOVE' wall hanging. Continue reading

  2. Make Your Own Valentine's Shaker Card


    Create a handmade shaker card for your Valentine this year, with a cute design it's perfect for sharing the love!

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  3. DIY Valentine's Gift Ideas













    Looking for that special something to give your loved one? We’ve got some great ideas for DIY Valentines gifts coming up.

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  4. Share The Love This Autumn!

    autumn theme greeting card

    Autumn Theme Greetings Cards

    With Harvest marking the arrival of Autumn, these cute ‘Harvest Love’ autumn theme cards are a great make to send to friends.

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