1. The Ultimate Slime Recipe

    The Ultimate Slime Recipe
    Spotted the slime trend that’s got kids obsessed? Don’t bother buying the expensive ready-made stuff from the shop, instead have a go at making your own. You should have everything you need at home, but if not, the ingredients are pretty easy to get your hands on. What you need to make your slime 2 1/4 cups of cornflour½ cup...
  2. Five Fab Wedding Favour Ideas!

    Five Fab Wedding Favour Ideas!
    With all the big things booked up, its time to get moving with the little things. Choosing your favours can often cause a headache, but there’s some fab ideas out there for some super cute ones. We’ve rounded up our favourites and included an option just for kids too! What’s great about all of these ideas is that they can...
  3. Guest Blogger: Burkatron - DIY Woven Rainbow Wall Hanging

    Guest Blogger: Burkatron - DIY Woven Rainbow Wall Hanging

    Hey guys, Caroline here from the Burkatron blog! This feature blog shows a quick tutorial for a rainbow wall hanging that I’ve made for my pals here at Creative rox.

    I adore making decorations for our home, especially ones that are quick, simple and bring bags of personality to a room. This rainbow wall hanging is a fun craft project for a nursery or children’s room and it’s super easy to make yourself.

    I picked a selection of muted pinks and greys that I thought worked well together but you can pick any colours to make your own custom rainbow. I hope you’ll enjoy making this project as much as me.

    Let’s get started…! Continue reading →

  4. Half Term Kids Craft Ideas

    Half Term Kids Craft Ideas

    Struggling for ideas to keep the kids occupied this half term? Take a look at these fun, craft ideas that will have their imagination running wild. Continue reading →

  5. DIY Christmas Eve Box

    DIY Christmas Eve Box

    Add some excitement to Christmas Eve by creating a Christmas Eve Box to fill with goodies for the kids to enjoy. They can be personalised using different designs and colours, so you can make the perfect one for your little one. Continue reading →

  6. Christmas Makes: Kid's Craft Yarn Christmas Tree's

    Christmas Makes: Kid's Craft Yarn Christmas Tree's
    Yarn Christmas Trees

    These yarn Christmas Tree's are a super simple craft for the kids and would look great for decorating their play room. Continue reading →

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