1. TREND ALERT: Dirty Pouring

    TREND ALERT: Dirty Pouring

    We love trends and one we’re definitely on board with is Dirty Pouring! But be warned, things could get messy.

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  2. Handmade Father's Day Card

    Handmade Father's Day Card

    Father's Day Handmade Card

    With Father's Day fast approaching now is a great time to start crafting for it! We'll be sharing some great card and gift wrap ideas over the coming weeks so you can get cracking on your next project. Continue reading →

  3. How To Make An Easter Wreath

    How To Make An Easter Wreath

    Easter Wreath

    With Easter fast approaching, it's the perfect time to start crafting! This Easter wreath is full of Spring colours and is a fab addition to any home! Continue reading →

  4. Crafts to make you happy!

    Crafts to make you happy!

    International Happiness Day is on March the 20th! To celebrate we’ve looked at some of the best crafts for happiness. It’s been proven that crafting not only gives you an enjoyable hobby, but it also makes you happy and relieves anxiety.

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