1. Guest Blogger: The Lovely Drawer - Abstract Wall Frames

    Guest Blogger: The Lovely Drawer - Abstract Wall Frames

    Guest blogger, Teri at The Lovely Drawer is back at Creative Rox, this time showing us some fun and fabulous ways of decorating your home! Continue reading →

  2. TREND ALERT: Dirty Pouring

    TREND ALERT: Dirty Pouring

    We love trends and one we’re definitely on board with is Dirty Pouring! But be warned, things could get messy.

    Continue reading →

  3. Totally Tropical Pineapple Keyring

    Totally Tropical Pineapple Keyring

    Add some punch to your bag this summer with this totally tropical Pineapple Keyring! Continue reading →

  4. Handmade Father's Day Card

    Handmade Father's Day Card

    Father's Day Handmade Card

    With Father's Day fast approaching now is a great time to start crafting for it! We'll be sharing some great card and gift wrap ideas over the coming weeks so you can get cracking on your next project. Continue reading →

  5. Guest Blogger: Burkatron - DIY Woven Rainbow Wall Hanging

    Guest Blogger: Burkatron - DIY Woven Rainbow Wall Hanging

    Hey guys, Caroline here from the Burkatron blog! This feature blog shows a quick tutorial for a rainbow wall hanging that I’ve made for my pals here at Creative rox.

    I adore making decorations for our home, especially ones that are quick, simple and bring bags of personality to a room. This rainbow wall hanging is a fun craft project for a nursery or children’s room and it’s super easy to make yourself.

    I picked a selection of muted pinks and greys that I thought worked well together but you can pick any colours to make your own custom rainbow. I hope you’ll enjoy making this project as much as me.

    Let’s get started…! Continue reading →

  6. DIY St Patrick's Day Decorations

    DIY St Patrick's Day Decorations

    With St Patrick's Day just around the corner, we know it's a great time to think about throwing a party! We've got some super simple ideas for DIY decorations, including some drinks straws and bunting. What are you waiting for? Have a go at making some for yourself! Continue reading →

  7. DIY Christmas Eve Box

    DIY Christmas Eve Box

    Add some excitement to Christmas Eve by creating a Christmas Eve Box to fill with goodies for the kids to enjoy. They can be personalised using different designs and colours, so you can make the perfect one for your little one. Continue reading →

  8. DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

    DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

    Make the countdown to Christmas a little different with this make it yourself Christmas Advent Calendar. The little envelopes don't even have to enclose chocolates, they could be little toys or gadgets for the kids or even a cheeky tiny liquor bottle for the adults. Here's how you can make your own. Continue reading →

  9. Winter Warmers For The Home

    Winter Warmers For The Home

    With colder climates already setting in, these ideas are for making your home super snug over the winter months. Continue reading →

  10. Cosy Makes: Wall Hanging

    Cosy Makes: Wall Hanging

    We're back again with some more winter warmer additions for your home. This gorgeous pale pink and grey wall hanging is fab for adding a feminine yet warm touch to any living space. Don't fret, if you don't want to use the same colour scheme as us the great thing about this make is that you can switch the colours to those more suitable for your home. Here, we take you through how to make one yourself. Continue reading →

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