Craft Asylum

  1. Makers Nation: Cute Scrapbooking Idea

    Join our #MakersNation and get involved in some easy crafting. Here's a simple and cute scrapbooking idea - there's no reason to not have a go for yourself! Continue reading →

  2. Makers Nation: Sunny Scrapbooking Idea

    In line with #MakersNation, we've been getting our craft on right here at Creative Rox HQ! This simple scrapbook page is so easy to create, it would be rude to not have a go for yourself! Continue reading →

  3. Easy Upcycle: Plain, Old Pegs To Cute, Patterned Pegs

    Up your organisation game and upcycle some plain, old wooden pegs into something super cute! These pegs have been upcycled using paper and magnets, which makes them great for sticking reminders and shopping lists on the fridge! Continue reading →

  4. Mother's Day: Make A Personalised Photo Gift Box

    Mother's Day Photo Box

    Treat your mum to something super personal this year and make a photo box. This cute box design can be used to encase a host of your favourite pictures of you and your mum - the perfect gift this Mother's Day. Continue reading →

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