1. A Beginners Guide To Sketching Pencils

    That’s right, a blog post all about pencils! If you’re new to sketching, we appreciate its sometimes a little difficult to get your head around the whole pencil grading thing! I mean, what do those little letters and numbers on your pencil mean? 2B? 2H? HB? Continue reading →

  2. Guest Blogger: Burkatron - Clay Wall Hanging

    Hey guys, Caroline from Burkatron blog here! I’ve popped over to share a tutorial that I’ve made for a brass and clay wall hanging for Creative Rox using their polymer clay. Continue reading →

  3. Working With Clay For Beginners

    Clay has recently made a comeback as a popular medium to craft with. Working with clay is so simple as it has a number of highly versatile qualities, making it an ideal choice for both modelling beginners and experts. Continue reading →

  4. A Handmade Christmas Hamper

    If you’ve got loads of ideas for gifts but don’t know how to display them a Christmas Gift Hamper or Box could be well worth considering. Make your hamper even more personalised by crafting your own gifts – here’s some inspiration we thought would be worth a share! Continue reading →

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