1. Fashion Upcycle: Summer Clutch Bag

    Fashion Upcycle: Summer Clutch Bag

    Turn your hand to a little bit of upcycling and create this cute clutch bag in time for Summer! Continue reading →

  2. Our Favourite Macrame Makes

    Our Favourite Macrame Makes

     A couple of weeks ago we did a short beginners blog post on what macramé is. For those of you that don’t know, it is the art of decoratively tying knots. If you haven’t read this post we recommend you do as it also offers some tips on getting started.

    As a follow on, we’ll be sharing our favourite macramé makes to give you some inspiration for your next crafty project, starting off with some simpler ones and then some more elaborate makes for the professional crafters out there. Continue reading →

  3. What is Crochet?

    What is Crochet?

    CrochetSo, what is crochet? Crochet is a popular needlecraft which is named after the French word crochet, which means hook. It involves using hooks and material such as yarn or thread to create projects like clothing, accessories and home décor pieces.  Continue reading →

  4. Top Ideas for Fringing Accessories!

    Top Ideas for Fringing Accessories!

    Fringing is a big trend on Pinterest at the moment! We’re loving adding it to some of our favourite accessories, like bags and shoes. So, we thought we would gather some of our favourite fringing inspiration to share with you.

    Fringing Main Image Continue reading →

  5. All things Pom Pom!

    All things Pom Pom!

    We love everything pom pom at the moment, plus they are super easy to make and look amazing!

    Continue reading →

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