1. Simple scrapbooking

    Simple scrapbooking

    Simplicity crafting is a great trend these days, a trend that I love and have been a fan since I started crafting a long time ago.
    When I scrapbook, I like the photos to take centre stage, which suits the simple and fresh look very well. Craft Asylum papers and die cuts is also a good match for the style.
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  2. Colour My World

    Colour My World

    The colour wheel is such an important tools for fashion and interior designers and possibly something we learn about in school but then forget about, this week I thought I would just talk about how useful it could be to card makers too...
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  3. Stamped 3D Flowers

    Stamped 3D Flowers

    Hello Everybody! Elena Here. Today I want to show you a card I made using the Home Sweet Home flower stamps to create a 3D effect.
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  4. Pretty Organised

    Pretty Organised

    I hope everyone is having a productive week, there is so much going on at this time of year, especially if you have children! With sports days, summer fares, school trips and your own summer holiday trips to prepare for, it can be so hectic!  I recently posted an idea for decorating an inexpensive chocolate bar to give as a gift for a teacher and due to its popularity, this week I thought I would share another similar idea.
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  5. Enhancing a notebook

    Enhancing a notebook

    Sometimes the simpler projects are the most rewarding. I have had this little notebook for a while, and while I like it I thought t was a bit too plain. Well, Craft Asylum Meadow to the rescue.
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  6. Stories


    This week I have been reminiscing about my eldest child who from as long as I remember, absolutely adored stories, she grew up to have such an imagination with nothing too high or too dangerous for her!
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  7. My Home Sweet Home Mirror

    My Home Sweet Home Mirror

    Hi everybody! Elena Here.
    I'm still decorating my new home and I wanted a little mirror for my hall. I have chosen the Home Sweet Home collection. It goes perfect with my home decor!
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  8. CD holder

    CD holder

    Hi Everyone,
    This week I wanted to share with you an easy homemade gift. It's a disc holder, complete with CD to store photos of a trip or other occasion. I dug out my stash of “Home Sweet Home”.
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  9. A new technique - Cathedral Windows!

    A new technique - Cathedral Windows!

    One of the things I love most about crafting is the sharing of the ideas and techniques, how they are adapted from one type to the next, evolving constantly.
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  10. School is Nearly Out!

    School is Nearly Out!

    This week I have decided to share a few ideas for the end of term as I remember the sudden rush for simple makes to present to your child's teacher only too well (despite my two being fully grown adults now!)
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