1. Guest Blogger: Hesters Handmade Home - DIY Memphis Style Ceramics

    Hi there, I'm Hester, creator at Hester's Handmade Home! I'm super excited to be featured on the Creative Rox blog, showing you how to upgrade some plain ceramics into something fun!

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  2. Makers Nation: How To Make A Star Wand













    Another inspirational make in line with our #MakersNation campaign are these cute star wands! With the help of a little coloured felt and some stuffing and stitching, they're so easy to create and make the perfect addition to a fancy dress costume!

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  3. Guest Blogger: The Lovely Drawer - DIY Woven Earring Hanger

    Hi I'm Teri, a home-based blogger here at The Lovely Drawer! I'm super excited to share my DIY Woven Earring Hanger make which I've made especially for Creative Rox!

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  4. Makers Nation: Cute Scrapbooking Idea













    Join our #MakersNation and get involved in some easy crafting. Here's a simple and cute scrapbooking idea - there's no reason to not have a go for yourself!

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  5. Mother's Day Gift - Make Your Own Flower Bouquet













    After that perfect gift this Mother's Day? Have a go at making something super special this year and make one of these gorgeous Mother's Day Bouquet!

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  6. Makers Nation: Sunny Scrapbooking Idea












    In line with #MakersNation, we've been getting our craft on right here at Creative Rox HQ! This simple scrapbook page is so easy to create, it would be rude to not have a go for yourself!

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  7. DIY St Patricks Day Decorations














    With St Patrick's Day just around the corner, we know it's a great time to think about throwing a party! We've got some super simple ideas for DIY decorations, including some drinks straws and bunting. What are you waiting for? Have a go at making some for yourself!

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  8. Makers Nation: How To Make Your Own LOVE Wall Hanging













    For those of you that don't already know, March marks the arrival of Craft Month. This month we will be sharing some easy, inspirational makes in line with our #MakersNation campaign. This post shares an easy to follow video that demonstrates how to make your very own 'LOVE' wall hanging. Continue reading

  9. Easy Upcycle: Plain, Old Pegs To Cute, Patterned Pegs













    Up your organisation game and upcycle some plain, old wooden pegs into something super cute! These pegs have been upcycled using paper and magnets, which makes them great for sticking reminders and shopping lists on the fridge!

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  10. World Book Day Costume Ideas













    With some schools still on half term and World Book Day fast approaching, it could be a good time to turn your hand at some crafts with the kids and make up one of these World Book Day costume ideas.

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