Storage Ideas

  1. Top personalised pencil case ideas!

    We love personalising our things, whether it’s our pencil case, make-up bag or tote bag! We’re constantly finding new ideas to upcycle our old items or to make completely new projects.

    Pencil Case
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  2. Top tips for a tidy craft room!

    Keeping your craft room tidy seems like an impossible task most days!

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  3. How To Make a Desk Tidy!

    Seriously need to tidy your desk? Well, here’s a super easy way to store all your stationery in true style!

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  4. House Shaped Shelf Makeover

    House Shaped Shelf Makeover

    Hi everyone,

    You know I always love a good home decor project and today I'm sharing how to make quick and easy Home Decor...

  5. Adding Texture To Papercraft Projects

    Adding Texture To Papercraft Projects

    Hello ...

    With Valentine's Day around the corner I am looking at ways to decorate gifts and make them that extra bit special.

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  6. Clear Stamp Storage Idea

    Clear Stamp Storage Idea

    Hi! It's Anna here.

    Today, I am back to share a craft storage idea.

    I don't have a dedicated craft room so I have to keep my stash of all papercrafting supplies fairly light and somewhat organized.

    I have some rubber stamps and clear stamps and I must confess, I used to store my stamps in a drawer until it could no longer accommodate! When I received the wonderful Craft Asylum stamps, I knew they deserved a better storage solution to keep them organised. Here is my solution...


  7. Cute as a button jar. Button flower tutorial

    Cute as a button jar. Button flower tutorial

    Hi everybody! Elena here. Do you know the quote "Cute as a button"?

    Today, this quote and a gift from Silvia have inspired me to decorate my little jar of buttons.

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  8. Craft room storage idea

    Craft room storage idea
    Happy Tuesday everyone, It's Anna with a new Craft Asylum project. Let’s be honest. No one is as organized as they wish they could be!


    Today I'm sharing something pretty and very easy that I've made - a simple storage solution for rolls of tape, spools of twine, ribbons and more craft items.

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  9. Organizing idea: 12x12 Paper Storage Box

    Organizing idea: 12x12 Paper Storage Box
    Hi Creative Rox friends!

    Today I thought I would show you a fun idea of the organizing I have used for my papercraft items. Is a "magazine files" downsized into "12x12 paper files"...

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  10. A simple project with the children

    A simple project with the children

    Making quick and easy projects with children for their room is always a great activity during school holidays.
    Here I made two pots for pens and tools recycling food and sauce jars.
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