Gift Wrapping Ideas

  1. Ideas for crafting with Pantone’s colour of the year - Ultra Violet

    You might have already seen that Pantone has chosen Ultra Violet as its colour of the year for 2018! The bold purple is set to shape a lot of the design trends for the year and we wanted to look at how we can incorporate it into our upcoming craft projects.

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  2. Top 5 ideas for book recycling!

    If you’re a bit of a bookworm and don’t like the idea of throwing old books away, then we have some exciting ideas for recycling your old, well-loved collections! Book recycling is really easy to do and creates some really unique projects.

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  3. How to Make Halloween Treat Boxes

    Forget about tricks, Halloween is all about the treats!

    Halloween Boxes

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  4. 5 Super Spooky Halloween Projects

    October means one thing for crafters, and that's Halloween projects!

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  5. Pumpkin Treat Boxes

    As we move into October, that means one thing; Halloween!

    Pumpkin Papercrafts Halloween Boxes

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  6. Sweet Lotus Wedding Favours

    Wedding's are the perfect opportunity to get crafty.

    Sweet Lotus Wedding Favours

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  7. How to Create a Flower Tag

    How to Create a Flower Tag

    There is something satisfying about gift someone a beautifully wrapped gift. Or we think so anyway!

    That's why we like to go the extra mile and turn our gift tags into something really special.

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  8. 5 Summer Flamingo Makes

    5 Summer Flamingo Makes

    Summer is finally here and one of the biggest trends this summer is definitely the flamingo!

    We've seen the pink flamingo crop up in fashion and home decor and of course, in crafts. So, we thought is would be only right to do a round up of the best flamingo projects created by our fellow makers on Pinterest.

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  9. Make a beautiful Mother's Day gift box in 6 easy steps

    Make a beautiful Mother's Day gift box in 6 easy steps

    You've bought the perfect Mother's Day present but can't find the right gift box to put it in? Or you're just looking for something extra to make Mother's Day super special? We've got just the thing!

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  10. Valentine's day: Gift Box with Card

    Valentine's day: Gift Box with Card

    Hello Everyone, Anna here.

    Valentine's day is on the horizon and fast approaching!

    This week I share a few ideas for this occasion. I created a coordinating duo of cards and box, easy to make.


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