Crafts using Fabric

  1. 5 Cool Kids Crafts

    When it's the summer holidays, we know it can be difficult to entertain the kids. 

    Kids Crafts Projects

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  2. Perfect Pineapple Makes

    Perfect Pineapple Makes

    The pretty little pineapple is one of this summer's hottest trends!

    And it turn out yo can be pretty creative when it comes to pineapple crafts! We've seen so any great pineapple projects that give us that real summer feeling! SO we couldn't help but put our favourites together for you here!

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  3. How to upcycle baby clothes!

    How to upcycle baby clothes!

    Have you got a young child or a baby on the way?

    Stocking up on baby clothes can be expensive, especially if you want things that look great. Well, it's no secret that plain white baby vests are the cheapest, so why not buy a load of those and upcycle baby clothes! Turn them into a beautiful outfit for your bundle of joy!

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  4. 5 Pretty DIY Pin Cushions

    5 Pretty DIY Pin Cushions

    For all our fellow sewers out there, a pin cushion is a must have!

    But a pin cushion doesn't just have to be practical and functional, it can look great as well! In fact, creating your pin cushion can be an amazing project in itself. We've seen some amazing little DIY pin cushions, here are our favourites!

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  5. Our Top 5 DIY Garlands & Bunting

    Our Top 5 DIY Garlands & Bunting

    Is it really a British party without some form of bunting?!

    We think not! And we've seen some fellow crafters get really, really creative with their DIY garlands and bunting. Whatever the occasion, you can get creative and create something special for your birthday, wedding or just to look good in your home.

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  6. 5 Summer Flamingo Makes

    5 Summer Flamingo Makes

    Summer is finally here and one of the biggest trends this summer is definitely the flamingo!

    We've seen the pink flamingo crop up in fashion and home decor and of course, in crafts. So, we thought is would be only right to do a round up of the best flamingo projects created by our fellow makers on Pinterest.

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  7. Create Your Own Cushion

    Create Your Own Cushion

    Anyone can get hold of a plain white cushion. They are cheap and easily accessible. But how do you make them look great in your living room?

    Don't worry, we've got you covered. All you need is our peacock feather...

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  8. How to customise your hats with an Asian Flower!

    How to customise your hats with an Asian Flower!

    When you want to keep your ears warm in the cold weather, a hat is the sensible option. But it doesn't have to be boring. Customise your headgear with die cut shapes!

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  9. How to customise your cushions with the Travel Away die!

    How to customise your cushions with the Travel Away die!

    You can pick up a plain cushion cover for next to nothing these days. Here's how to turn that cushion into something really special using the Travel Away die!

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  10. Make a beautiful Mother's Day gift box in 6 easy steps

    Make a beautiful Mother's Day gift box in 6 easy steps

    You've bought the perfect Mother's Day present but can't find the right gift box to put it in? Or you're just looking for something extra to make Mother's Day super special? We've got just the thing!

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